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What have you done?

What have you done with your wastewater today

Scarab Water - Our media posts

We are excited to introduce our new page, showcasing our social media posts, offering a glimpse into our past marketing and awareness efforts. Many of these posts may have been missed by the public, as our LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and X profiles may not be widely known to the general public.

At Scarab, we have been busy over the past few years with posts of the number of events in the arena of water, sewage and wastewater treatment. Whilst we are promoting the Scarab brand, we are primarily in the environmental industry. What we do will affect the world we are all living in, and his means we must do it right, the first time.

Please skim through this collection of postings, and let us know which one is the most (un)creative, (ir)relevant and (un)worthy of public notice, that's you good folk.

World Water Day 2023

Wishing you a wise World Water Day 2023

Earth Day 2024

World earth day - what we see when the water has gone

Saving Water for 20 years

Saving water for 20 years with this Scarab system

Come a long way


Merry Christmas 2023

Scarab Water - Seasons greetings 2023

Merry Christmas 2024

Scarab Water - Merry Christmas

No Cookie Crumbs here

Scarab honestly dont employ tracking cookies on the websites

Looking at you

Water quality - Who is she looking at?

Scarab Water - Reflections

Scarab Water Clear Reflections

The only tools

Your hands are the only tools you will need to service our sewage treatment systems

A Verloren of Dungbeetles

A collection of dungbeetles is called a Verloren

Experts for 30 million years

Scarab Beetles experienced for 30 million years

Harties Hyacinth

Water Hyacinth has created major problems in the Hartebeespoort Dam

We can fix this

Removing the water hyacinth from the Hartebeesport Dam is an easy fix
New horizons - Stefan and Glynette Farewell
In your hands
Clean water is in your responsible hands
Scarab Simplicity
Scarab Waste Water treatment simplicity
Water Savers
Our water wise saving tips you have never heard before

Your Water - Own it

Vote for your water - you own it
Scarab at Nkandla
Scarab system at Nkandla