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Scarab's Latest Products - for septic tanks, soak-aways and all sewage treatment systems.

Important Announcement !!

We are delighted to announce the re-launch of the Scarab household range of eco-friendly cleaning products in South Africa.

Also great for all other manufacturers of sewage treatment equipment, which might make them smell better.
Scarab sewage treatment systems want ecofriendly household cleaners

Eco-Cleaners for all households

Extensive research into general home cleaners revealed that many of the common supermarket products were not environmentally friendly, as many contained chlorine based chemicals. Whilst the public were happy that these products killed 99% of germs, they were also told that it was safe for use in septic tanks. This is simply not true!!

Septic tanks NEED "germs" to operate in a biological process, and many of these household chemicals promise to kill just about everything.

Our carefully selected range of household products contains ingredients that are environmentally friendly, that will only have a neutral affect on nature. We know that these products will enhance the performance of all biological systems, including septic tanks, small sewage treatment systems and the larger municipal treatment plants.  And we don't mind other systems working well. We all benefit. One bad system in a field of good ones, reflects badly on all systems.

One must remember that whatever we put into the water, we need to take out again, so that it can be reused. Difficult chemicals and even heavy metals cannot be removed easily, and will generally remain in the water for the next cycle of abuse.

Carefully blended from top of the range local and imported raw materials, these Scarab Eco-Cleaners are safe for septic tanks, the home and for you. Chlorine based chemicals are excluded, and replaced with softer hydrogen peroxide, de-mineralized water and ozone related ingredients. Taking care of your water is now your responsibility, but we are always here to help.

Treat your package plants to Scarab's cleaning products. Care for your wastewater.

Have you hugged your bugs today?

Scarab Anti Bac Soap

Scarab anti bacterial soap

Scarab Anti- bacteria soap

Eco-friendly cosmetic grade hypoallergenic anti-bacterial liquid hand soap for the effective control of germs and bacteria. Cleansand moisturizes skin for a long lasting soothing and luxurious feel.

Scarab Oil Degreaser

Scarab Multi Purpose Cleaner

Scarab heavy duty degreaser

Heavy duty degreaser and cleaner with superior oil, petrol and hydrocarbon remediating properties which eliminates waste disposal costs and reduces
health and safety risks.

Scarab Fab Soft

Scarab Fab Soft

Scarab Fab-Soft

Eco-friendly high performance blend of quality biodegradable components that impart a soft feel to garments while helping to rinse away residual detergent while significantly saving on all associated costs.

Scarab Mop Shine

Scarab Mop Shine

Scarab Mop-Shine

Special blend of eco-friendly quality ingredients for ease of use applying with a mop and bucket to maintain a top shine while extending the life of floorpolish treatments.

Scarab Fab Wash

Scarab Fab Wash

Scarab Fab-wash

Eco-friendly, powerful liquid laundry detergent blend of biodegradable components for excellent results and lower cost in use.

Scarab Dishwashing Liquid

Scarab Dishwashing Liquid

Scarab Dish washing liquid

Scarab dishwashing liquid is a very powerful blend of bio-degradable liquid grease cutting agents, neutralised to a pH that is soft on the hands and suits all skin types. With the optional added power of enzymes, you get the very highest strength industrial performance on even the toughest food stains, and the very lowest cost in use.

Scarab Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Scarab Multi - Purpose cleaner

Scarab Multipurpose Cleaner

Now 10 times more powerful and effective! Our most advanced bio-enzyme all-purpose product cleans surfaces better, eliminates odours quicker, and benefits waste systems more.

Scarab Surface Cleaner

Scarab Surface Cleaner

Scarab Surface & Glass Cleaner

• Non streaking formula
• Quick drying
• Non Toxic
• Environmentally Friendly
• Great on stainless steel
• Cleans whiteboards

Ah, household cleaning—where practicality meets eco-friendliness! At Scarab Water, we understand the importance of keeping your home clean without harming the environment. Our household cleaning products are crafted with a mission: to make your surroundings sparkle while being gentle on our world.

From surface cleaners to gentle detergents, our lineup focuses on biodegradable and environmentally friendly ingredients. We're fiercely passionate about ensuring that your home not only looks pristine but also contributes to a healthier planet.

Our dedication to water solutions extends beyond sewage treatment. We believe that every drop counts, even in the products used within your home. So, here's to keeping your space sparkling clean while keeping Mother Nature happy!